Probis Expert

Multi-project-controlling software
for the real estate industry

PROBIS enables the cost management
from budget to the final payment via
arbitrary definable catalogs.

Planning on cross project fundamentals

PROBIS provides a central overview of
different project costs and makes it possible
to benchmark the measures of the projects,
both in tabular and graphical form.

Interfaces to customary IT systems
and usage of available data

PROBIS accelerates the flow of information
to minimize errors, as no manual data
transfer is necessary.

Company specific display of costs
and revenues

PROBIS allows a variety of complex
valuation possibilities of data through
dashboards and widgets.

Probis Expert

A controlling software for controllers

PROBIS is a project-controlling tool by emproc sys. The flexible structure of PROBIS enables a customized, company-specific presentation of cost frameworks and their further development within the cost tracking. At the same time PROBIS enables the appropriate structure of all relevant project information and therefore an uncomplicated handling of high complex project structures.

Emproc SYS

emproc sys is part of the emproc corporate family. emproc is a leading cost planner and construction project manager company participating on the largest projects in Germany. PROBIS was created by construction professionals by the emproc family and is therefore used successfully as a controlling tool on many projects. emproc is the only German supplier in the construction sector, who has not only developed his software, but also operates on a real daily use.

Probis Credentials

Probis Credentials

Reference Customers

b.i.g. bechtold engineering Gmbh
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG
FBB – Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
FMBau – Flughafen München Baugesellschaft mbH
FMG – Flughafen München GmbH
gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
ibb-bgw – Professor Burkhardt Ingenieure
PMS AG – Architekten und Ingenieure

Transparency 1
Only when you follow
something until the end, you
will see whether there is
darkness or a radiant light.

Transparency 2
The hardest facts and the most
robust material that demand
the right order. Thus, a
transparent large entity arises
out of opaque matter.